Wood working before sandpaper?

Ditch Sand Paper (make a polisher)

I’m not sure why, but I’ve developed an aversion to sandpaper. Maybe it’s the dust, maybe it’s because it’s not traditional, maybe I’ve contracted a terminal case of Hipster-ism… oh, boy, I hope not. Anyhow, this irrational perspective has had me using hand planes, spokeshaves and scrapers, and now I’ve stumbled upon a new tool - The Polissoir - (Well, new to me. Andre Roubo described their use in the 18th century.) I discuss how to make your own in this video:

I was introduced to the polisher while watching an interview with Wood Worker and former Smithsonian Conservator: Don Williams (donsbarn.com). He explained how this tool both burnished wood and filled the grain in one step. I immediately wanted to try one out, and desired to purchase one of the very finely crafted ones he offers…. but, there’s something about making your own tools. So I whipped together my own functional, but homely, version. (Maybe someday I’ll learn how to weave a nice one.) And you know what? I like the way it works.

You can make your own too with just 3 supplies:

  • Straw broom

  • Yarn

  • Beeswax

Check out my video for instructions on how to make this simple yet effective finishing tool. If you build one tell me what you think.


(Make a polisher)

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